As-Built Surveys

3D Laser Scanning will allow you to:

• Bring the facility or object back to the office to avoid return site trips.

• Create conceptual fly through videos blending existing and proposed structures to “sell” projects.

• Extract as much or little information as you need, when you need it.

• Create accurate 2D and 3D documentation for architects or engineers to facilitate renovations, additions, or re-purposing.

• Create a Building Information Model (BIM) for contractor collaboration, energy studies, facility management, and more.

• Monitor construction for accuracy and create “close out” as-built documentation after each trade or phase is finished.

• Perform off-site prefabrication of building components.

• Monitor structures over time for attrition and settling.

Laser Scanning is the most cost and time effective method of capturing all measurements of the interior and exterior of a building in its present state.