Process and Power Piping

Use of 3D Laser Scanning will allow you to:

  • Accurately model existing piping and equipment allowing for clash detection prior to installation of new equipment.
  • Limit or avoid unnecessary plant shutdown time.
  • Increase space efficiency.
  • Document precisely in 3D the current state of the property as the planning basis for conversions and extensions.
  • Perform precise-fit off-site assembly, thanks to exacting 3D CAD data and dimensional control.
  • Simplify facility management, maintenance, training, etc. through comprehensive 3D master data, simulations and training in virtual reality.
  • Improve coordination between different trades and comprehensive documentation and supervision of all work.

Planar view of laser scan of Process and Power Piping.

3D laser scan of Process and Power Piping. Unique colors are used for each scan.